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From our centre

Pain relief & mental clarity - Danny

Pain relief and tingling - Paul

Tingling sensation - Paula

Pain relief & relaxation - Sue

Emotional release

Deep sleep - John

My first session in the EESystem was pretty amazing. I just couldn't keep my eyes open. I immediately felt the energy walking in through the door, it wraps you in a massive energy hug, it feels very healing.

It went over so quickly, as I was in such a deep state of relaxation. 

The most awesome effect was on my left hip/leg where I'd had bursitis for months. It was painful most days and I couldn't straighten it out. After that first session the pain went, just a bit of stiffness which I've since stretched out. No more pain and no more problems. 

I had two more sessions and each one is just as dreamy and energising at the same time. It's my guilty pleasure to grab 2hours of peace from the mind.

You've got to try this! 😀 

Anne Fenwick

I really enjoyed it and felt deep sense of calm...afterwards I felt really my crown chakra was open to the light. I'm going to come again.

Lee Bradford


Northwest Wellness Center


The EESystem is legit!!! After researching it, I drove 7 hours to experience a 24 unit system in Nampa Id. At 47, I have learned to live with joint pain in every joint, as well as low back pain. I’ve also been feeling really depressed lately. For 2 days I did a two hour session. Nothing hurts anymore, my thinking is clearer, and I feel happy! You can literally feel your cells vibrating in the room!! This technology is a miracle! I want to open a center in my home town so I can help others!

Heather H.

Quantum Rejuvenation


I had heard about EES and the many benefits it might provide me with. I had a knee that was hurting when I went in, making it painful to walk. Within minutes of sitting down the energy went straight to my knees resolving the pain! I then fell into a deep sleep until I got a gentle tap on my shoulder. What a wonderful contribution Lauren & Bobbie have made to our community! Let the healing begin!



Onyx Healing Collective


I haven't slept in 6 years. Over the last 6 years I have not been able to sleep for more than 1 hour at a time, up and down all night long. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars trying to find a cure. Your clinic cured me in 1 hour. I slept for 7-1/2 hours last night, straight. Absolutely astonishing!

Dave S.

Inga, thank you so much for your dedication and time spent yesterday evening.

My partner Mark was in a horrific car accident when he was 18 yrs old and has suffered from brain injury trauma. he told me today that the pressure and stress he has had in his head ever since has subsided since he visited your beautiful place. Thank you, you're an absolute angel of divine light and we are wishing you every success with your new business venture. 

We will be with you again soon, much love, Kelly & Mark xx


I really loved it! Felt so relaxed & head to toe was all tingly. Felt Peaceful & Happy. Will be back soon 💜

Miriam Dye

Testimonials from EESystem centres worldwide

Depression & Anxiety

Scalar Energy Wellness Center - Rockwall, ROCKWALL, TX

My mother in law has suffered from severe depression for most of her life. Like crying for hours every morning severe. Dr's have done little to nothing for her. She has been to the center twice and has stopped crying and is more focused. She will definitely be continuing her journey.

Melinda Austin

Rays of Light


I have been dealing with severe anxiety and depression for a few years now. I did not expect to “feel” anything the first time I went in, but after a few minutes I could literally feel the energy as a tingling in my fingertips. After 20 minutes, I felt almost euphoric and my mood increased to a level that I haven’t felt in years. I went back a 2nd time for two hours and had the same experience. Since then, I’ve seen a noticeable difference in my stress and energy levels and an improvement in mood. I am definitely going to continue going to Rays of Light on Long Island! This incredible technology is REAL!

Dave S.


Light Energy Meditation Center


I've been coming to Hani's center for about 20 hours so far. The results are incredible. My energy levels go up after each visit. My 30 year Tinnitus was gone after the first visit. My vision was improved as well. I am thankful for all that.

Amir Shamir

I got a lovely welcome from Christine & Inga, the room felt really welcoming & I could feel a good energy in the room. After doing my breathing I relaxed back into my chair & closed my eyes, the colours I was seeing were out of this world 3D, 4D, 5D, I also saw a figure of myself at the age of 5 years old, wearing my favourite green jumper, looking down at my present self. I felt relaxed & in my own world, also my back pain had disappeared. After my session I felt fully charged up & I am planning to go back for another session. A massive thank you to Inga, Christine, Emma for a fantastic afternoon 💖🎉🎈


I've now had two sessions at the Urban Angel Therapy Centre. Equipment is set up in a cosy room with friendly staff. During both sessions I had to use the loo a few times in the 2hrs...I've had urine urgency issues for the last 2 years, but since the first session these have subsided & now sleeping 6hrs + at night, so that's a major improvement. Also I do appear to have more energy during games of football etc. I'll definitely be back. 

Brian Dixon

Adrenal Fatigue

Urban Retreat Ministry - Land and Soul, SWANTON, OH

Suffered from hypo thyroid, adrenal fatigue and imbalanced hormones for 15+ years working with a natural specialist found some relief, but never had energy left over to work out or enjoy an active lifestyle and depression and fatigue were always lurking. I began visiting Jen Urban’s EE system Swanton, OH and after 5 visits of 2 hour sessions I had saliva, urine and blood testing by my DR. And Hormone specialist and received the best news! High cholesterol was in perfect range, no longer need to increase thyroid medication and most importantly my adrenals were in a healthy range, and other hormones falling into balance optimal range and reduced supplementation! I feel 20 years younger, hiking 15-25 miles week, biking and weight training, something I never thought I could enjoy again 💖

Tamara Drier


Energy Healing Room


My husband had a very deep diabetic foot ulcer. He was being treated by his podiatrist with weekly wound care being given for 2 months. After 11 sessions of 2 hours each, the ulcer is almost completely healed. He is so very grateful for EES technology!


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